NHTA Tow Show 2022




New Hampshire Towing Association

Presents its 50th Annual Trade Show

May 21st & 22nd, 2022

 “Rain or Shine”


At the Hampton Beach State Park


You’re Invited!


 Join us for the New Hampshire Towing Association’s 50th Trade Show.  Let’s get together to make this the biggest and best show ever!!!  Invite your family and friends to enjoy good food, raffles and demonstrations …


 The information enclosed will include everything you need to exhibit and display your products as well as getting your name out further than it already is! 


 As a vendor, reserve your spot as soon as possible before it’s too late!  The sooner you make your reservation, the better your chance of getting the spot you want!  You will be able to demonstrate your equipment on the field Saturday and Sunday. So get ready!


Forward all questions, correspondence and your application to:


CHAIRMAN: Mike Guilbeault

D&R Towing  

Show Coordinator: Melissa Guilbeault

49 Canal Street

Nashua, N.H. 03064

Tel: 603-880-4757

Tel: 603-809-1599


We’re looking forward to working together for another fun and successful show!

 N.H.T.A. Board of Directors and Officers

 “Solicitation of anything other than material pertaining to the N.H.T.A. on the premises will not be tolerated”

New Hampshire Towing Association

Presents its 50th Trade Show

May 21st & 22nd, 2022

  “Rain or Shine”


At the Hampton Beach State Park




VENDOR:_______________________________________________________________                    PHONE:___________________

CONTACT NAME: _______________________________________________________

VENDOR ADDRESS: _____________________________________________________

CITY: ____________________                  STATE: _________________                                     ZIP: ________________




25’ BY 50’ (Outside space)  $475.00         NUMBER REQUESTED:                 ____                     $__________

ADDITIONAL SPACES @ $250.00 EA.  NUMBER REQUESTED:     ____                     $ _________

10’X10’ PAVILLION  $350.00                  NUMBER REQUESTED:    ____                     $ _________

ELECTRICITY $50.00/WEEKEND      NEEDED: ____ NOT NEEDED:  ____                               $ _________

TOTAL FOR THE WEEKEND __________________________________                                   $  _________

E-MAIL ADDRESS: ______________________________________


Please Make Checks Payable To: NHTA



CHAIRMAN: Mike Guilbeault

D&R Towing  

Show Coordinator: Melissa Guilbeault

49 Canal St.

Nashua, N.H. 03064

Tel. 603-880-4757 Tel: 603-809-1599


 [__]       Visa       #___________________________________          Expires: _____/_____      ______

                                                                                                                                                                     CCV (Security Code on back of card)

[__]        M/C       #___________________________________         Expires: _____/_____    ______

                                                                                                                                                                     CCV (Security Code on back of card)

[__]        Check        (Check Number _____________)



Location of space will be assigned according to date of full payment (first come, first serve basis).

Remember!!! FULL payment is due by 4/29/2022.


New Hampshire Towing Association

Presents its 50th   Trade Show

May 21st & 22nd, 2022

 “Rain or Shine”


At the Hampton Beach State Park


Fellow Vendors:

Would you please help and sponsor our Trade Show this year?


Company:       ____________________________    E-mail : _______________________________

Address:            _____________________________________________________________________________

City:                ____________________________    State:   __________________            Zip:     ___________

Phone:             ____________________________    Fax:     __________________

Sponsor the Beauty Contest?                         Yes:  _____     No:  _____

Sponsor the Rodeo Contest?                          Yes:  _____     No:  _____

Sponsor the Light Up the Night?                   Yes:  _____     No:  _____

Sponsor the Kid’s Rodeo?                              Yes:  _____     No:  _____

A donation of $250.00 or more would be appreciated.


Comments or Suggestions?               ________________________________________________________________






Make Checks out to NHTA

Mail this form (completed) to:

CHAIRMAN: Mike Guilbeault & Melissa Guilbeault

D&R Towing

Show Coordinator: Mike Guilbeault & Melissa Guilbeault  

49 Canal St.

Nashua, N.H. 03064

Tel:  603-880-4757 Tel: 603-809-1599


Thank you in advance for your continued support!  Let’s make this the biggest show ever!!!

New Hampshire Towing Association

Presents 50th Trade Show

May 21st & 22nd, 2022

 “Rain or Shine”

  At the Hampton Beach State Park



Would you like to be included in our 2022 N.H.T.A. Trade Show Book?


Here’s how!


Complete this form and return by April 1, 2022 to:


Attn:  Joanne Stone

613 Unity Road

Newport, NH 03773



Company Name: ___________________________________________________________________

Address:                             ___________________________________________________________________

City:                     _____________________             State:     _____________ Zip:  _______________                               




Ads must be print-ready and received by April 1, 2022

(You can use one of your other previously used ads from other advertising you have had done!)



Ad Options and Cost:

[__]        Full Page                            $250.00                 =  Black & White            [__]        Full Page                            $300.00  =  Color

[__]        ½ Page                                $150.00                 =  Black & White            [__]        ½ Page                                $200.00  =  Color

[__]        ¼ Page (Business Card)  $100.00  =  Black & White            [__]        ¼ Page (Business Card)  $150.00  =  Color



[__]        Visa       #________________________            Expires: _____/_____/_____                 ________

                                                                                                                                                                                    CCV (Security Code on back of card)

[__]        MasterCard       #________________________ Expires: _____/_____/_____             ________

                                                                                                                                                                                    CCV (Security Code on back of card)

[__]        Check        (Check Number _____________)



Any Questions/Concerns?  Call Joanne at: 603-863-4206



Email:  newhampshireta@comcast.net

Website: nhtowingassociation.org

Thank you in advance for your continued support!  Let’s make this the BIGGEST show ever!!!


New Hampshire Towing Association

Presents its 50th   Trade Show

May 21st & 22nd, 2022

 “Rain or Shine”

At the Hampton Beach State Park


Where to stay in the Hampton Beach Area



Hampton House                                                                           Brownie’s Motel                                                           Beach View Motor Inn

333 Ocean Blvd.                                                                           180-184 Ashworth                                         101 Ocean Blvd.

603-926-1033                                                                 603-926-5532                                                  603-926-2520


The Mari-Anne Motel                                                  The Kentville                                                  Breakers by the Sea                         

2 Ocean Blvd.                                                                 315 Ocean Blvd.                                                            409 Ocean Blvd.

603-926-5411                                                                 603-926-3950                                                  603-926-7702


Drift Motel                                                                     The Pelham Motel                                         Grandview Motel

18 Ocean Blvd.                                                              109-111 Ocean Blvd.                                     353 Ocean Blvd.

603-926-5756                                                                 603-926-3364                                                  603-926-5171


The Tides Motel                                                                           Marguerite Motel                                          Harris Sea Ranch

40 Ashworth Ave.                                                         112 Ashworth Ave.                                        210 Ashworth Ave.

603-929-4200                                                                 603-926-2079                                                  603-926-4432


Hampton Harbor Motel                                              Ashworth by the Sea                                     Main Sail Motel

210 Ashworth Ave.                                                       295 Ocean Blvd.                                                            40 Ashworth Ave.

603-926-4432                                                                 603-926-6762                                                  603-929-4200


Flagship Motor Court                                                 Royal Crest Motor Inn                                 The Regal Inn of Hampton Beach

1908 Ashworth Ave.                                                     96 Ashworth Ave.                                          162 Ashworth Ave.

603-926-4254                                                                 603-944-0347                                                  603-926-7758


Jonathan’s Motel                                                          Lamie’s Inn                                                     Seascape Inn

415 Ocean Blvd.                                                                           490 Lafayette Road                                       955 Ocean Blvd.

603-926-6631                                                                 603-926-8322                                                  603-926-1750


Ship’s Inn                                                                        Atlantic Breeze Suites                                  Summer Wind Motel

8 “B” Street                                                                   429 Ocean Blvd.                                                            128 Ashworth Ave.

603-926-1655                                                                 603-967-4781                                                  603-926-8343




“Raffle Ticket Info”



We have a maximum of 300 tickets to be sold at $100.00 per ticket.  $15,000.00 in cash prizes will be given away. 

The Grand Prize is $10,000.00.  You can mail your ticket money to:  N.H.T.A. 10 Mine Ledge Road Surry, NH 03431


Number of tickets requested:      __________                                      Amount enclosed:  __________


Please join us for the BEST Trade Show in the Northeast….

Thank you for your continued support!  Let’s make this the BIGGEST show ever!